A World of Happiness CD Cover
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Starring Debby Harry and Perry Farrell;
Directed by Gary Oldman.

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The video debuted on MTV2's most popular show for new videos, SUBTERRANEAN on May 16th.

It's also been shown on the following Video Shows:

Alternative TV3 - South Beach FL
Bad Taste - Attleboro, MA
Frequency - Ithaca College NY
Modern Buzz - Metarie, LA
Music X - Hollywood FL
Rock TV - Playa Del Ray, CA
Sonic Noise - Reno NV
The Review - Minneapolis
Velocity - St Louis
Fox Traxx - Menasha WI
Music Madness - NY NY
Rawtime - Austin TX
Sidewalks - Richmond CA
Television Music Box - Pittsburgh
Alternative TV - Tulane Univ. New Orleans

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