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Deborah Harry sings “Dontcha Wanna Know” and half of the duet “The Patience Bossa” along with Perry Farrell. "The Patience Bossa" is the first video made for the record, directed by another performer on the record, Gary Oldman.

Debbie is a Rock 'n' Roll legend. She is a founding member and lead singer of
the seminal punk/new wave band Blondie, who released six classic albums between 1976 and 1982. The band reunited after 16 yearas and released
new records; No Exit in 1998, and this year, The Curse of Blondie.
Debbie has appeared in over 30 feature films.

Debbie has chosen the Pediatric AIDS Foundation as her charity, which creates a future of hope worldwide by eradicating pediatric AIDS, providing care and treatment to people with HIV/AIDS, and accelerating the discovery of new treatments for other serious and life-threatening pediatric illnesses.

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