A World of Happiness CD Cover
On April 3, we had a launch party in Los Angeles at
Storyopolis Bookstore and Art Gallery

The event was attended by performers (top row)
George Wendt, Lisa Loeb, Jane Kaczmarek,
Brad Whitford, and Gary Oldman,,

pictured here with "A World of Happiness" creators (bottom row)
Vincenzo LoRusso, Tor Hyams and David Scharff
and Storyopolis' Matthew Abramowitz
...in addition to over a hundred parents and children.

If you were there, I know you had a great time...if you missed it, I'm really sorry you did. You can see some pictures at these links:

The attendees were treated to:
* a reading of "Little Me" by George Wendt
* a lesson from Brad and Jane on how to do the new kid's dance "The Jiggles"
* a performance by Co-Creator David Scharff of "Knowa' the Cat"
* a performance by Exec. Producer Tor Hyams of "The Same Ground"
* a live performance by Lisa Loeb of "In The Details"
* a raffle of Disney gift baskets for 8 lucky kid winners.

More pictures at these two links

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Film Magic

On March 11, in recognition of Music In Our Schools Month,
Tor Hyams and David Scharff brought performers
Isaac Hayes and Rosanna Arquette to Capitol Hill to
bring awareness of the importance of musical education to Congress.

There were one-on-one sit-downs with Congress members, and a party for Congressional staffers where Isaac, Rosanna, Tor and David joined kids in a drum circle, and were serenaded by the Anne Beers Boys Choir, singing a rousing version of the song "A World of Happiness"

To see some images from that event go here:

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